Super Nutrient That Reduces Heart Attack, Diabetes, Migraines, and More

Anne Marie From South Dakota writes:

I am 37 and have recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My doctor says to change my diet and it might help. I also am constantly dealing with migraines a few times per month. Could any of this be related to my eating habits?

Dear Anne Marie,

Can You Beat Diabetes?

Susan from Austin, TX writes:

My husband has recently been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. His doctor wants to start him on some medication. He is 42 years old and about 30 pounds overweight. Are there any lifestyle changes that he can make?


Dear Susan,

Diabetes and blood sugar related health challenges are topping the list in America these days. Our lifestyle choices determine the kind of results we will attain when fighting a health challenge like this. If your husband is willing to radically make some changes, then statistics tell us that he can win. It all begins with some practical steps. Here are some basics to consider.

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