Cancer Super Foods

Noelle from Denver, CO writes:

My mother just got diagnosed with breast cancer and my father has dealt with prostate cancer. I want to help them learn to eat better and have a better lifestyle. Outside of their medical treatment, what can they do?

Hi Noelle,

Cancer can be a concerning diagnosis for anyone. One key that is important to understand is that the body is in a constant state of regeneration. The good news is that each day old cells die off and new cells are forming. We have an amazing body that the Great Physician designed! Our body is in a constant state of regenerating new cells. This is why our lifestyle choices make such an impact in our health outcomes. The foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the rest we get, and the environmental toxins and stress that we manage all play a role in how our body is able to have a strong immune system. Genetics do play a role in many cancers, but much of the research points to our lifestyle. That is great news for all of us. 

Research published recently in the British Journal of Nutrition discovered that cancer decreases with the increased consumption of certain pigments and carotenoids of some fruits and vegetables. The research was done in China and those who increased their consumption of alpha and beta-carotene decreased their incidence of cancer by 46 percent and 39 percent. Those that increased their intake of beta-cryptoxanthin had a 62 percent reduced risk. These super foods that can help you in this battle are:

Alpha Carotene:

3.Dandilion Greens

Beta –Carotene:

1.Sweet Potatoes
2.Red Peppers
3.Green Beans
5.Collard Greens


2.Butternut Squash

Don’t forget to encourage them to exercise, drink plenty of clean water, and follow a great overall lifestyle plan. You are doing great at being their cheerleader! 

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