Is Weight Loss Healthy?

Kristina from Detroit, MI writes:

I have been following a great Lifestyle Program and have lost almost 40 pounds. Recently I have been having leg cramps at night. What do you think could be the issue? I thought I was getting healthier?

Dear Kristina,

Congratulations! 40 Pounds?  You are doing GREAT! 

Exercise is one of the great tools we have to feel better, stay in shape, and stay on track with our health goals. However, if our eating habits are not in place, we can develop certain nutritional deficiencies. Typically, cramping can happen to anyone. The body needs certain key minerals and “trace” minerals, which are some of the missing links in our diet today. They fill in the blanks in many of our bodily processes. We just don’t get the needed minerals from our depleted soil anymore. The U.S Department of Agriculture recently stated that our soil has rapidly depleted itself of key vitamins and minerals since the early 1930″s. Because of this, our foods are lacking key nutrients to help our body function at optimal levels. Sure we can take multivitamins and take multi-minerals. However, most do not contain the delicate trace minerals that our bodies desperately need. From hormone balance, to bone strength, to maintaining lean muscle, to mental acuity, to proper nervous system function, to proper fertility, cardiovascular health, and digestion, trace minerals are essential to keep in our daily diet regimen. 

Recently I met with a close friend who is a physician. He is in his mid-50″s and has been using trace mineral supplementation for 15 years. With strong Italian roots, his father’s hair began turning gray in his early 40″s. However, my friend has not turned gray at all!! It is because he has kept up the trace minerals in his body. A listener on my radio show had suffered for years with chronic fatigue and lack of energy.  She recently found that her trace minerals were low through her doctor. After 2 days of taking increasing her raw fruit and vegetable intake and adding a complete mineral supplement, she said her energy levels began to climb rapidly. Why? Remember the body always seeks to be in balance. When any of our systems become altered slightly, our body will slow down in those areas to preserve what it has left. By giving the body what it needs in any area, we will secure balance, and experience the vibrant health God intended for us to have. 

So the cramping in your legs could be from the weight loss, certain dietary or nutritional deficiencies like magnesium, potassium, calcium, or others. It would be good to talk with your doctor about getting a blood test for Vitamin D. It is the catalyst that allows most minerals in the body to function properly. 

Keep up the great work on your Lifestyle Plan!

You best days are still ahead!

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