Who Can Stop The Pain?

Samantha in Denver, CO writes:

I have been struggling with chronic pain and inflammation for several years now. I recently went through a bitter divorce. I am only 32! Should I be feeling like this? Help!

Dear Samantha,

Hi Samantha. Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and other pain-related health challenges have many theories medically why people struggle with it. There have been numerous university studies on how the mind and body are closely connected. Has someone ever done you wrong…ever hurt you? Maybe someone that really said they believed in you…just let you down. It hurts doesn’t it? Yes, the pain. High expectations and low follow through. We have all experienced letdowns, broken promises, and emotional trauma from those closest to us. Recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that about 85% of the health issues we see today have a root cause in emotional health. Wow! The way we think and our emotional environment is a critical aspect of our health today. Our ability to forgive others when they have hurt us is a key secret to achieving optimal health and breaking the pain cycle. . One of the most difficult areas of emotional health is forgiveness. The easiest emotion for people statistically is anger. Anger and unforgiveness have amazing effects on the human body. Research shows us that just one moment of anger may compromise the immune system for up to eight hours. That is the equivalent of eating a meal full of processed foods, refined flour and sugar!

Then there is the actual physiological aspect. Certain medication suggested by your personal physician may help. However, what are you doing day-to day to support the body? Inflammation can happen in multiple areas. We know that our daily choices can contribute in making a great difference in our health. Along with conquering your emotional health, it might be a good idea to consider connecting with a dietitian or nutritionist to get on an anti-inflammatory based eating plan. This would include whole foods and being personalized to your individual needs. This style of eating is comprised of equal amounts of low glycemic carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Eating five to six small meals per day in the right portions will help throw water on the fire rather than gasoline. The other arrow for your quiver is a great set of supplements. Research shows us that fish oil is king with inflammation along with vitamin D. And don’t forget the new all-natural alternative, http://AminoActiv.com that is on the market now. This company is doing amazing university-tested research around natural ways to support pain and inflammation. Samantha, its all about lifestyle. Get a great team around you. The choices we make today will determine the health we will have tomorrow. Change your lifestyle, change your life.

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